Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, the Canadian Museum of Indian Civilization is North America’s first museum dedicated to giving visitors a multifaceted look at Hinduism’s many contributions to philosophy, the arts and science. Visitors, regardless of their own cultural heritage, will leave with an awareness and an appreciation of the magnificence of one of world’s oldest, living civilizations.

The museum is not a staid, austere display of mute artifacts. It is a living, knowl- edgebased place, designed to fully engage and enlighten its visitors about the dynamic nature of Hinduism through thought-provoking exhibitions and exciting new presentations, such as the multimedia Cosmic Theatre Experience.

With funds raised through these exhibitions, donations, corporate contributions and your support, we will continue work to realize a museum dedicated to the Hindu civilization that will fascinate all who visit. When complete, we hope to welcome over 300,000 visitors annually. Our special thanks to all of our private donors, the City of Richmond Hill, and the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, Department of Canadian Heritage, for their generous support.