Timeless beauty through the ages.

The Temples of Time exhibition takes visitors on a journey through India in both time and place to discover the evolution of Hindu temples. Visitors will learn about the philosophical elements of Hinduism, its monumental feats of engineering and the cultural significance of this intriguing civilization.

The incredible Hindu temples of India are renowned for both their strength and their beauty. Through a historical look at some of these temples, visitors to the¬†Temples of Time exhibition will learn about the culture as well as view the magnificence of temple architecture. They will also come to appreciate Hinduism’s ability to adapt and evolve over thousands of years, despite the many traumatic invasions of the Indian subcontinent.

Most importantly, visitors will discover the values of multicultural acceptance. The Hindu civilization has fostered more than the Hindu faith; it has been the origin of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Today, all faiths of the world have adherents in India who live amongst the fabulous churches, mosques, synagogues and temples in which they worship.