Fulldome film and multimedia exhibition

Throughout history, human beings have tried to decipher the universe and its many mysteries. The Cosmic Theatre Experience takes us on a journey to explore how we are all connected, mentally and physically, to everything around us – the universe, the planet we live on and the world we live in.

Through a 45-minute, fulldome film and an enlightening series of exhibition panels, The Cosmic Theatre Experience narrative chronicles the compatibility between Hindu philosophy, mythology and the Vedic teachings with the current theories of physics and astronomy.

The award-winning, immersive cinema feature film, Cosmic Dance, combines documentary content with fictional scenes. Shot in India, Canada and Europe, the film takes the audience on a cosmic dance through the explorations of Leela, a young physics student. Through her dialogue with international scientists and teachers, the film probes the creation and history of the universe.

The film includes interviews with alternative Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, physicist and philosopher, Germany; Dr. Archana Sharma, physicist at CERN, Switzerland; Dr. Rathnasree Nandivada, astronomer and director of Nehru Planetarium, India; Douglas Cardinal, First Nation shaman, Canada and Swami Veda Bharati, spiritual teacher, India.